new ownership. new chapter

The rumors have been circulating, the excitement has been building. Good things are happening!

Terra Tots will have new owners as of May 20th.

Jennifer Creel and Rebekah Wood will soon be the fine ladies in charge of Terra Tots.


As of August, it will be four years since Terra Tots has been in operation. It has been a delight to start up & operate this business. I have met wonderful people, worked alongside fantastic companies that bring innovative and outstanding products to our attention, met local artist and local small businesses that bring terrific products to our marketplace.
There have been hundreds of baby wearing workshops, cloth diaper 101’s, new mama talks, tears of happiness, and hugs of thanks – I cherish each experience and am delighted to have been here this long. However, the ebb and flow of life brings forth new adventures and goals – and I am moving on to work towards many goals and opportunities that have been presented.

I’ll be spending more time focusing on music. You can find me rambling around with our band, 3 Penny Acre, as we tour nationally and continue to play locally. Also, our daughter, Bergen, (who inspired us to open Terra Tots) who is now five years old, begins her adventure into kindergarten this fall. I am very much looking forward to spending this golden summer with her before we open the schooling chapter of life!

Cloth diapering, and reusable products in general, have been a focus in my life for years now. This focus will continue as I’ll be lobbying for more cloth diaper and reusable options in our community, state, and beyond. My work and support for the Real Diaper Association will continue. You’ll certainly be seeing or hearing more of this work and organization.

From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for your support of Terra Tots and our family. Please continue to show the same support to Jennifer and Rebekah as they now enter into this chapter of Terra Tots natural parenting. They have superb ideas for the future of Terra Tots; great product lines will be introduced soon, more workshops and classes will be offered – so keep your ears and eyes open to the new happenings around here!


we will be closed on Friday, May 20th, in order to make a smooth transition and to complete our business transactions. back to normal on Saturday the 21st.


Bernice Hembree


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mama post

welcome mama’s – new and old – to the new decade.  2011 is here!

There are a couple things I wanted to highlight on this post:

1.  New MAMA PADS from Leslie’s Boutique.

Recently,  I was in a pinch since Aunt Flow was visiting a couple days earlier than expected.  (TMI?)

This pad was unwashed in my bag as I had just received it.  With a frown on my face I marched into the Terra Tots bathroom.  Surprisingly this pad absorbed well and worked great, even without the initial washings to strip the oil.  No leaks, no awkwardness.   A big thumbs up for the newest edition of the Leslie’s Boutique family.  If you want to try this pad as well, Terra Tots has them.  Cute colors too.  Come on, admit it – everyone wants to feel just a little cute during this unhappy monthly cycle 🙂



2.  Milk Savers “milkies”

I very reluctantly brought this product into Terra Tots.  (I assumed it would be too bulky and customers wouldn’t “get” it…I was wrong)  A loyal Terra Tots customer was browsing the store last week when she came upon the Milk Saver.  She was very excited to see this product at Terra Tots.  It was on her To-Do list to order that exact product online later that day.   Well, she checked that task off her list (thanks to Terra Tots) and promised to give me her honest feedback on the product after using it for a few days.   Her feedback = rave review.  This product works!  The milk saver catches 1-2 oz of milk each nursing.  For new moms, especially in the first 2 months of breastfeeding, this would be a very handy product.   So, skeptic proved wrong, this product will be found at Terra Tots in the future.


3.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Birth Plan

This birth plan opened my eyes.  EMAB not only makes fantastic herbal products, but the also have wise resources for mamas.  Check out this birth plan – forward it to expectant mothers you may know.  It was invaluable to me.

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black friday SALE

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thursday (9/23) event

THURSDAY, the 23rd (this Thursday) 5-7pm

Local designer, Eileen Jennings, long awaited fall clothing line will be ready.

Save 25% on Thursday evening only.  Free drinks + savings = must attend!


Oh Baby Foods, Fayetteville’s very own Fran Free, will be sampling delicious treats for babies + mama.

support our locals
Fayetteville is home to so many talented folks!
Terra Tots is fortunate to offer a place for locals to show off their work.
Join us this Thursday from 5 – 7 pm.
Light snacks + drinks will be available.
Plus, Fran of Oh Baby Foods will be serving delicious treats made from her recipes of locally sourced fruits/veggies.
Please respond to this email as a RSVP.
That’ll help with the head count.
We appreciate you and look forward to visiting with you this Thursday!
eileen jennings
Adorable Eileen-made top.
Check out our facebook page to see a couple more images.
The new collection is gender nuetral and designed for layering.
Beautiful wool coats to upcycled denim and stylin’ pants.
oh baby
Fran is going to prepare smoothies using her line of baby foods.  It’s a super way to use Oh Baby for toddlers and parents alike.  Smoothies are a favorite at our house – and so easy!  Come, let Fran show us how it’s done Oh Baby style.
Please put Thursday evening, 5-7pm, on your calendar as “busy” at Terra Tots with wine, smoothies, crackers, local vendors & friends.

see you soon!


The Terra Tots crew

B u y   O N E

Get one 25% off
Offer is good only for the Thursday evening reception (5-7pm).
And applies only to the new Eileen Jennings fall collection.
Don’t miss this super duper deal!

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new news

my oh my, how time flies…fun or no fun.

Much is happening at Terra Tots.  New diaper lines, old diaper lines with new names and new products.  new awards for Terra Tots!  In March, we learned that Terra Tots was named one of only five Green Ambassadors for Plan Toys.
We sell lots of Plan Toys and know as much as possible about them.  As a reward, and to build our knowledge, we’ve been invited to Thailand to check out the rubberwood trees that are used to make the toys + watch the production process + sit in on a product development meeting.  Exciting!  (however, we’re waiting for the civil battles to cool down before going.)

Arkansas is doing a fantastic job of producing some of our best diaper lines.  Arkansas is home to the production of Swaddlebees, Blueberry, and WeeHuggers diapers.  All of them are super and we’re proud to have them made in our home state.  Be sure to check out the new weehuggers.  You’ll like them.

Eileen Jennings is rolling out some beautiful apparel for Terra Tots.  We have dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, (little boy vests coming soon).  All made from recycled scarfs, tea towels, men’s shirts, etc.  Hard to believe how great they are until you see them.

Ergo baby carriers have a new carriers coming out.  We will have it sometime in August.  It’s the answer to many parents request of having a “performance” carrier.  Specifically designed for outdoors activities, equipped with CoolMax mesh.  It looks great!

Sea Pearls are finally at Terra Tots.  Sea Pearls are a sea sponge used as a natural tampon.  I’ve used them for awhile now and love them.  Along with cloth mama pads, we now have you equipped for “that time of month”.

So, that brings you up-to-date a bit on new Terra Tots developments.  However, there’s always something new and terrific happening here!

Happy Summer.

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other uses for old cloth

are you on the “rag”?
I know, nasty topic – but something we all discuss at least once a month (on average!).

If you have old cloth prefolds or inserts or doublers lying around your house USE them.  What do you use for pads while on your monthly cycle?  If you’re using disposable methods, think again.  Consider using a reusable material.

When Bergen was done with diapers we passed many of them to our friends who were still diapering.  It’s nice to see some of our diapers in their 4th generation!  I smile every time a “bergen” diaper makes an appearance on a friend’s heiny.  Although most diapers were passed down, I still have a bin of inserts – mostly hemp or bamboo – that work great on my early cycle days.

But, do you have random inserts (hemp, bamboo, cotton) hanging around the house?  Use those for your menstrual pads.  They are comfortable to use, and much more sanitary and healthy than the disposable options.  Either cut them to contour your shape or just lay them in your underwear.  It’s not as gross as you think.  Actually, it is helpful to see just how your flow changes over the course of your cycle.   Be comfortable with your body, inside and out.

So, next time Aunt Flo visits be ready with your stash of reusables.

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weather makes people go nuts…especially cold, icy weather.  For instance, someone was just in the store today saying “Wal-Mart is sold out of bread”.  Wow, I thought – “probably the white wonder bread section only”.

The weather has even been good for diaper sales at Terra Tots!  Usually the cold, dreary weather keeps people inside and away from any shopping.  NOT when a winter storm advisory is in effect.  I’ve had a couple customers come in today because they needed the next size up on covers, and they needed them before the ice storm hit.  I know – it’s very smart thinking.  Planning ahead.

I’ve been thinking:  what did people do before electricity, stoves, heaters, sliced bread, and sized diapers?  I bet they survived okay.  Yes – they were adjusted to that way of life.  We were given that way of life last year – this exact day actually – when the ice storm hit.  No power for 11 days.  Despite the melted wax everywhere, shattered windows (a tree fell through our large dining room window) and a small case of cabin fever, it was kinda fun.

Hopefully this winter storm will provide some much needed winter fun as well.

You better hurry…Wal-Mart is almost out of bread and Terra Tots is out of prefolds!

All joking aside, enjoy the winter weather.  See you when the ice melts.


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